About MCF America

Young Do Choi, the founder and CEO of Master Carbon Fibers, Inc., began his company making automotive parts for major South Korean car companies. His grueling quality standard, with emphasis on reinvesting more than half of his revenues in R&D, won him support from his competitors in producing solutions in carbon fiber products. Within a decade of working with carbon fiber materials, he was able to produce outstanding products with exceptional qualities that propelled him to be a national and global leader in producing carbon fiber solutions to composite products. His specialty is in chopped and milled carbon and reinforced plastic by pultrusion process. Guided by his relentless work ethic, Mr. Choi established his facilities in Jasper, Georgia, to continue developing and innovating on technology and expand to global stage. Master Carbon Fibers thrives on impeccable services to his industry partners and customers with excellent, reliable and advanced products.

MCF (master carbon fibers) carbon manufacture factory

The head office : 190 sanders street jasper, georgia 30143

T : 1 - 706 - 692 - 3000

F : 1 - 706 - 692 - 7767

E-mail : ydchoi@mcfamerica.com , i2388@naver.com

Products of MCF America

     Epoxy random chop                                  Urethane chop                                           Nylon chop                                  Nonsizing chop

MCF america carbon chop

MCF america carbon pultrusion

MCF america milled carbon and technical data

Production Process and technical skills

MCF america carbon pultrusion process

MCF america non-sizing carbon technical skill

MCF america Production capacity

MCF Production capacity